Sponsorship Information


Why do I need sponsorships?

Sponsorships help to keep our program running financially. The support Brickie Football receives from local businesses is remarkable! Our Game Night Program is second to NONE! Plus, sponsorships can cover your player financial obligations. 

How does this work?

Print the form below, or use the copies you were given. Visit local merchants and ask them to sponsor you. This should be done by our players. Give the merchant a copy of the form. Tell them they can mail it in, or you'd be glad to pick it up. 

The merchant chooses a sponsorship package, and we do the rest!

How many sponsorships do I need?

All JV and Varsity players are required to pay for their practice pack. You can do that by paying upfront or by getting sponsorships. The cost of the practice pack is $150, or two sponsorships. 

2020 Sponsorship Form

HFBC 2020 Sponsorship Form (pdf)


2020 Freshman Practice Pack Form

HFBC 2020 Practice Pack Freshman (pdf)


2020 JV and Varsity Practice Pack Form

HFBC 2020 Practice Pack JV:Varsity (pdf)